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Genericcures - Generic Medicine Website Making Quality Medicare Possible For Everyone

Whenever we search for medicine online, hundreds of medicine-selling websites start pouring. Every day, a new website adds up to the internet world, providing generic medicines. But the question is, are those websites legit? Are they providing good quality medicines to their audience at an affordable price?

Most of the websites inflate the prices of the medicine and then provide it to their customers. Due to this, a bigger pool of audiences cannot access high-quality medicare. If you are also one of those looking for good quality medicare services at affordable prices, look no more. Your search ends here at Genericcures.

At Genericcures, we provide high-quality generic medicine to the audience, as effective as the original ones, at the best possible prices. We have a mission that no person in the world should be deprived of quality medicare only because of the cost of the medicines. Apart from that, our customer needs are our top priority, and we can go miles to fulfil them.

Why should you choose Genericcures?

By now, everyone must have a question about what makes Genericcures’s website different from others. The answer to this has been explained in the points below, which you must look at and then make your decision.

Whooping Range of Medicines Available

We commonly notice that most websites online are only providing only specific category medicines. Due to this, a person needs to visit different websites to buy different products, which is a complete waste of time. But with the Genericcures website, this is not an issue. You will get the most commonly used medicines for erectile dysfunction, bacterial infection, skin infection, roundworm infections, eye infections, etc., under one roof.

Moreover, our team is working day and night to add more and more medicines to the website that people might require. We add medicines based on the demands that our customers put forward.

Genuine High-Quality Medicine

You will notice that all the medicines at Genericcures are from renowned manufacturers. We have a special research team that checks the complete details of the medicine, its performance, and reviews and then adds them to the website. Moreover, all medicines no, matter over counter or prescription based, are FDA-approved. It makes them safe to consume.

When you buy the medicine from our website, then you can also check whether it is original through the manufacturing and packing details.

Returns & Refunds Possible

We at Genericcures believe in cutting down the wastage as much as possible. Due to this, we have made the returns and refunds of the medicine easy for our customers. We understand that there are various circumstances in which either a medicine does not work in the body of the user, or they no longer need it. Due to this, the medicine is of no use to the customer, and valuable ingredients will be wasted. That is why we provide a window for users to return the medicine.

We provide you with a period of 28 days in which you can return the medicine. All you need to do is share the reason, and our team will process your request. Now, you have the option to take a refund or order some other medicine from the website.

Smooth Process of Medicine Delivery

The process of delivery that we follow on our website is completely hassle-free and fast. We try to ensure that the medicine reaches your doorstep in the minimum possible time. When you place an order, then our team will process it in 24 hours and send it for shipment. When the order is shipped, then we will send you the delivery information, which will help you in tracking your order.

If at any point you face an issue, just reach out to our 24/7 customer support team, and they will provide you with the solution. With all our efforts, we just want to make sure that you never need to visit the local store again and buy medicines at higher prices.

Get Free Delivery Above $199

We all know that buying medicines can have a very great impact on the pocket of a person. Above that, if one has to pay for the delivery also, then it can be really bad. That is why we have also tried to waive the delivery charges with a condition. People who buy medicines from the website in bulk do not have to pay the delivery charges. All they need to ensure is that their order value crosses a total of $199.

It is a better option for people who have to consume medicines for a longer period, like in cases of erectile dysfunction and a few roundworm infections. So, order medicines in bulk and enjoy free delivery,

Different Delivery Options are Available

Whenever a person orders medicine from us, then we send it to our delivery partner, and they dispatch it under standard delivery, which can take 7-10 days. But we understand that sometimes a person is in urgent need of medicine. For such people who also have an express delivery option. They can choose this option while checkout and get medicines within 2-3 working days.

But one should keep in mind that one will not be eligible for free delivery if one chooses express delivery. Also, the cost of express delivery will be more than the standard one, which will be calculated based on weight and distance.

Best Discounts & Offers

Our website has become the favourite among the audience, and one of the biggest reasons behind that is the discounts and offers we provide. You will notice that our website has an active discount every time for the consumers. All you need to do is check the homepage of the website. Moreover, if there is no discount showing to you, then you can always contact the support team. They will let you know about the discount that is currently active on the website. Moreover, we have a very attractive member program also. We are building a community of loyal and permanent customers, and providing them with a special discount under the member’s program is our way to say Thank You.

All a member needs to do is sign-up for the free newsletter of GENERICCURES. We send emails not just with discounts and offers but with new medical information and major updates also. If you are a member and there is no special discount for you, reach out to the team, and we will be very happy to help you.

Prioritizing Your Privacy

People find it really difficult to easily trust any new website, and the reason behind this is privacy. Most websites share personal information with third-party marketing websites in order to earn extra cash, and you start receiving marketing calls and messages. But such things will never happen at Genericcures because we have a strong privacy policy that covers you.

Our privacy policy mainly states that no one from the website can share your information and has excess to it. Above that, if someone ever shares your information, you can take legal action against them. There are more such clauses covering different privacy domains. So, we suggest you go through the policy first and then make your decision.

Focusing On Customer Satisfaction

We at Genericcures proudly say that all our customer support executives are hard-working and want to serve the customer in the best way possible. Due to that, we have also taken the initiative of providing 24/7 customer support to cater to a global audience. The response rate of our time is very high within the lowest possible time. To take help, all you need to do is send a message to us and raise your query. Within a couple of hours, we will try to resolve the query.

Process To Place Your Order

  • If you are a first-time buyer, then make an account first and verify it using your contact details and a government ID.
  • Then you should start searching for medicines and add them to your cart by deciding the quantity.
  • Now, you should upload the prescription for the medicine if required.
  • We will approve your order within a few hours, and you can make the payment for the medicine.
  • You can now expect the packaging details from us within 24 hours and order within 7-10 days.


Any information that is available on the website is only for the purpose of marketing & educating. We never recommend any person to take medicine only by reading the information. All the information is well-researched and true, but it is important to visit your physician first. They make sure of your safety, and only then should you buy medicine from the website.

If anyone faces a problem in the body after using the medicine then we are not liable. You should visit your physician as they are the ones suggesting the medicine after a checkup. We only act as a service provider who is a bridge between the manufacturer and the customer.